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Medical care unfortunately stays fixed to the old and rusted views even if no benefits are seen. Chemotherapy is one example where successful outcome is not satisfactory, but is still actively and aggressively promoted. Unlike scientific discovery like electricity, telephones and air planes which have evolved from their early infancy into highly technological entities now, some of the views and opinions in medical care have been stuck with us and we are reluctant to let go of such old and redundant views which hamper the progress for a better health care.

The 2 G’s that I would like to discuss are the GERM THEORY and the GENE THEORY.

The Germ Theory for the infectious diseases was first theorized by Louis Pasteur. His view was that germs are the reasons for infections and the diseases that follow and the host is nothing but a victim. Though his view was not accepted by everyone, he was well connected politically and socially and his theory was accepted, paving the way for antibiotics, vaccinations and pasteurization to control/treat and eradicate germs. It is no surprise to the medical community and the public that we are now armed with strong arsenals (antibiotics and vaccines) and yet not only are we losing the battle against infectious diseases but we have also created drug resistant germs.

Louis Pasteur had 2 Contemporaries; Claude Bernard and Antoine Bechamp, both of whom vehemently opposed the Germ Theory of Louis Pasteur. They believed that the “TERRAN IS EVERYTHING & THE GERMS ARE NOTHING”. When the Terrain (host) is unhealthy/sick (with damaged cells) the germs invade and multiply. They are just bystanders waiting for a line of work and opportunity. The growth and the multiplication of the germs in the host also depends on the pH of the blood and tissues of the host. An acidic pH (Acidosis) of the host also allows the germs to exhibit their PLEOMORPHIC CHARACTERISTICS, changing from bacteria to fungus and mold and from rods to bacilli to cocci.

However, their opinion was ridiculed and dispelled until Louis Pasteur himself admitted his mistake near his death and showed his respect to both his contemporaries. Florence Nightingale, who also disbelieved the Germ Theory and went on the prove that improving the health of the host by personal hygiene can reduce morbidity and mortality in hospitals with poor sanitation during the world war. She was also initially criticized by Doctors and made to work in the kitchen as a kitchen cleaner. Her perseverance and her strong believes that the health of the host is critical to the outcome of infection and diseases, earning her the respect and left the mark in the history of medical care. Yet many of us have forgotten this simple rules of nature and have resorted to antibiotics and vaccines.

The pharmaceutical industry who responded to the Louis Pasteur Germ Theory gained the most from the sale of antibiotics and vaccines. Louis Pasteur’s conviction was not made public. Basically what all of these means is that germs and even cancer cells do not grow in a healthy host. They need a sick and acidic host to grow and multiply. There is another purpose for the germs to be in and around us and this purpose goes hand in hand with their pleomorphic characteristic. Bacteria and its ability to change to yeast and mold helps them to act as cleaners (removing dead and sick cells) and undertakers (removing the dead body) of plants, animals and humans changing our physical forms back to dust from which we originated. Remember ASH TO ASH & DUST TO DUST!


Understanding our genetic makeup is immensely important. However, so much emphasis has been paid to Genes, Inherited Diseases and Gene Polymorphisms that we now blame our genes for poor health and most diseases. The so called bad genes and polymorphic genes express when the cellular environment is unfavourable. It is now clearly explained by science that the healthy environment in and around the cells allows favourable expression of the gene, which means the good genes are expressed and the bad genes are silenced. Silencing of all the genes and the expression of one gene is also the reason why we make different cells in different organs although the basic genetic makeup is the same in all the trillions of our cells. Minerals, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Alkaline Body etc. all play an important role in the healthy gene expression.

Our modern diet is largely full of cars, refined foods, sugar and trans fats, which are devoid of vital nutrients especially minerals are responsible for almost all the modern diseases. Eating a wholesome diet consisting of mostly fresh organic vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, legumes and good fats is essential for good health. Eggs and fish are better choices of non vegetarian proteins than meat. Healthy foods that are mostly alkalizing ensures the healthy expression of our genes, not only in ourselves but also in our offsprings. Besides food, Chemicals (Drugs, Pesticides, Plastics etc.), Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF), Genetically Modified Foods, Stimulants (Alcohol, Coffee in excess), Stress, Yeast Overgrowth also contributes to faulty gene expressions and diseases. Put together the above factors account for more than 90% of the modern day diseases that we encounter.

So Germs (Microorganisms) are just bystanders that have existed with us all along for millennia and they invade or grow and multiply from their dormant state in a sick host. We now know that Gene expression can be controlled nutritionally (Nutrigenomics). Hence blaming the Germs and our Genes will only cloud our thinking and our tendency to resort to drug therapy. The body is capable of healing itself if the right conditions exist.

Our Genes have not changed from the time of creation, but the disease pattern has – the Incidence, Onset and Severity have become common. Even Infertility, Pregnancy Losses and Congenital Anomalies are not rare anymore. Do you still want to blame your genes for your ailments or you prefer to move on now that you understand the subject better?


FOR EVERY DRUG AVAILABLE THERE IS ALWAYS A NATURAL ALTERNATIVE – You only need to believe in and be aware of it.

Be Well

Datuk Dr Selvam Rengasamy MBBS, FRCOG,