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We all know that STENTING is procedure done to re-establish circulation in blocked cardiac vessels. The procedure is justified in a symptomatic patient. Unfortunately thousands of STENTING procedures are done in asymptomatic patients diagnosed with Atherosclerosis of cardiac vessels during Angiograms, which by themselves are done excessively. The funny thing here is that only the Atherosclerosis of the heart is focussed ignoring the fact that this pathology is systemic!

To delve further into the necessity of this procedure we could fall back into studies done on young soldiers who died during the world wars and found to have SYSTEMIC ATHEROSCLEROSIS! They were young, physically fitter than most of us yet had the pathology.

Not only STENTING has its own complications, we ignore the systemic nature of the pathology as well as the underlying cause. 

There are many studies that have clearly showed a strong relationship of Atherosclerosis to Vitamin K2 deficiency. This vitamin ( very little importance is given to this vitamin ) not only helps in directing Calcium to the bones for osteogenesis but helps in removing the EXTRA OSSEOUS calcium deposits in the blood vessels and other tissues . This helps in the reduction/ reversal of plagues. However it is ideal that you take Vitamin K2 with Vitamin D (Hormone as it should be known) . When Vitamin D stimulates osteogenesis, not only more calcium is absorbed form the intestines but also enhances the effects of VitaminK2 in removing this calcium deposits outside the bones.

So, the question is Stent or Vitamin K2 ( with Vitamin D ) ?

Datuk Dr Selvam Rengasamy MBBS, FRCOG,