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Since the dawn of time we, the human race has always been innovative and progressive and have left the caves to be where we are today. We have along the way changed the course of the history of mankind by establishing the Communities, Telecommunications, Building Homes, Roads and Ports, Air Travel and many other feats. We did want progress through changes and this attitude and perseverance have given us the comforts that we possess now. But this was not easy either. There were many who ridiculed new ideas. The Wright Brothers were the subject of criticisms when they first tried to fly! However, new ideas and innovations were accepted and we have a better world today. 

Today we have jets that fly at 4 times the speed of sound. We have superb telecommunications. However, not all innovations brought us to a better level. The food and agriculture industries with fast foods, preservatives, colouring agents, pesticides, and herbicides are one such bad example of how science and innovations beat us back. Medical progress is another example of the plus and minus of new ideas and discoveries. Progress in medicine has been hampered in many areas for whatever reasons and we are stuck with old treatments that do not give us the desired results. Cancer treatment is one such example.

In the 18th century, there were two types of treatment and patients had the choice to choose. There were Allopathic treatment and Imperial (Homeopathic) Treatment. The initial Imperial treatment mostly consisted of bloodletting, cleansing of bad spirits and crude surgical methods. But changes did take place. Herbal and natural treatments were introduced, not based on the scientific studies, but based on observation, which I believe a principle that we can follow even today. Papaya leaf extract for Dengue is one such example. Clinical and experimental evidence followed the observational treatment method. At the turn of the century, the Allopathic Medicine care was accepted as the scientific treatment and the rest was either ignored or declared illegal by the mainstream medicine practitioners. The American Medical Association ( AMA) joined hands with the pharmaceutical industries to develop drugs to treat diseases. We have developed many new arsenals, but clearly losing the war against Chronic Medical Diseases, Infections, and Cancers. Only if we start to ask ourselves why are we losing when we have won the war against backwardness on many fronts. And the reasons are:

1.    The belief in drug therapy

2.    The teaching in medical schools

3.    The health policy

4.    The Big Pharmas


The official theory of cancer that it is an abnormal growth of cells, reproduction, proliferation and metastasis were put forward in the 1950s and it stays till today though the reasons for this abnormal growth was never explained. Those who went on to explain that is the system fault and the treatment should focus on restoring system health is not accepted by the mainstream medicine even today, though the successful outcome of the official cancer treatment ie, Surgery, Radiotherapy, and Chemotherapy are still very poor. There are about 20,000 new cases of cancer in the U.S. and about a million new cases every year. The cost of treatment from the point of diagnosis to the end is about 1.4million USD. The official treatment has many side effects and the new kid on the road is termed the Chemo Brain associated with loss of memory, reduced comprehension, loss of ability to carry out one’s usual tasks etc. What used to be the research done in the teaching institutions on new treatments and drugs are now mostly done at facilities run by pharmaceutical companies and not all the information may be available for a detailed evaluation of the treatment outcome. The war on cancer became the official U.S. policy in 1970 and by 1995, a sum of 30 billion USD was spent on finding a cure for cancer and we are still lost. Let’s see why I believe this is the case.


1.    Excess Glucose in our diet. Glucose is the only fuel for cancer cells. The diet for cancer patients should be without any forms of sugar except that from vegetables and some fruits, all organic.

2.    Lack or Poor Oxygenation of cells. Cancer cells live and thrive in a poorly oxygenated environment. Natural, organic foods, especially the greens are rich in oxygen. Deep breathing exercises help to oxygenate the starving cells.

3.    Tissue Acidity. Cancer cells can only grow in an acidic milieu. Alkalize your body with raw organic vegetable and some fruit juices is a the mainstay of treatment. In fact, cancer patients are advised to drink plenty of such juices only as their meals. Drinking Alkaline Water, Lemon juice, Eating Sprouts are beneficial as well.

4.    Toxicity. We are exposed to hundreds of chemicals every day and you cannot find cancer with a toxic body. Detoxification is an essential component of this natural treatment. Organic vegetable juice is potent detoxifiers. Thousands of patients have found a natural cure with Coffee Enemas. The master detoxifier that we have become increasingly deficient is Glutathione.

5.    Deficiency of Essential Vitamins, Minerals, EFAs and Amino Acids. Soils are depleted of the essential natural nutrients for plants. Instated of replacing all the 92 or so minerals only 3, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium are replaced as fertilizers, leaving the plants vulnerable to attacks by bugs and fungus. And what do we do about this? We use harsh chemicals to kill these bugs and we end up eating these nutrient deficient, but chemical rich vegetables and fruits.

Chemicals won’t work, but nature can. We have to find natural cures for a disease caused by wrong foods, wrong lifestyle and living the wrong way – away from nature! To fight not only cancer, but any diseases we need to focus on restoring and reactivating the natural balance and the healing mechanisms of the body. FOR EVERY DRUG, THERE EXISTS IN NATURE A NATURAL REMEDY (Pfeiffer’s Law). We need to look at ways to improve the Immune and Detoxification Systems, Enrich the body with the Essential Nutrients, Supply the body with enough Enzymes and Natural Hormones. Lastly, let’s not forget to ask why animals (except some domesticated) do not get cancers – this lies in their ability to produce Vitamin C which we humans can’t.


Be Well.

Datuk Dr Selvam Rengasamy MBBS, FRCOG,