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Dr Lee Cheng Yew (Committee Member) 

Speciality : -

Education : MBBS, MAFP, FRACGP

Working Experience : -

About: A graduate of the University of Mangalore, India in 1995, Dr. Lee CY opened his own private practice Pahang Polyclinic and Surgery in 2002, just after completing his diploma training in STD and AIDS from Consortium of Thai Training Institute of AIDS and HIV, Thailand and Occupational Health Doctor from Bangi, Malaysia. He is also admitted as a member of Academy Family Physician Malaysia and fellow of Royal College of General Practice, Australia the same year.

Recently he’s also being certified from International Hormone Society in Advance Hormone Therapy and Heavy Metal Toxicity Elimination from ACNEM, Australia, 2002.

As Dr.Lee CY is a family physician, he is well versed in treating patients of all ages.

He has special interest in treating testosterone deficiency syndrome in males and managing hair loss and obesity.

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